The Changing Landscape

Effects on the Landscape


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8 thoughts on “The Changing Landscape

  1. CommuterRant says:

    The effects on what landscape? Oh the landscape that has been managed and changed by man for centuries? Of course construction will have a short term impact, however, once built, nature will retake it it’s own way and NIMBYs will forget it’s even there, because they can’t hear it over heathrow and the M25

  2. CommuterRant says:

    You noticed that? well done you. For those who cannot read between the lines, please let me know why this countryside is so sacred?
    You can’t enjoy it (there is no public right of way over farmers private fields), chemicals are added to make the crops grow (that seep into the water table) or cows and sheep are grazing (meaning trees will never re-grow).
    Please lend me your logic as to why this needs to be protected?

    • sambarbrooke says:

      Look it’s my exploration of the route, I’m not getting involved in some political argument, I’m purely making a comment that the landscape will be changing, if you go on the ukgov website you can get more details of who it will effect and the damage on the landscape. If you are worried about trees, there are 50 ancient woodlands that will be destroyed, as explained in my post “woodland”

      • CommuterRant says:

        You are being selective with your statements, just like all the anti-hs2 lobby.
        You say “damage to the landscape” yet I would counter that this has already been done, HS2 is just an evolution of that strategy.

        On ancient woodland, this is another mis-nomer. This very term implies that the trees in these woods have been here for centuries, which just isn’t true. Perhaps if you were talking about sections of Sherwood forest, with truly ancient trees then I would agree.
        In case you don’t know, this entire island is an ancient woodland and ironically for you, there will probably be more trees once HS2 is built, rather than less.

        What I am saying is that you can mark any field in this country, plant some trees and call it “ancient woodland” if you wanted.

        You don’t have to make a political statement if you want, but your blog, reporting on the route of HS2 is the political hot-potato of the moment (along wth floods) so you are making a political statement, whether you like it or not.

        If you don’t want to put your cards on the table thats fine, but realise that you should properly look up the meaning of “politics”.

  3. sambarbrooke says:

    I have only completed 2 days of shooting so far and currently my exploration of the route has led me to these images, the only ancient woods I have been to is 100 years old so I’m just selecting from what I have seen. I know it’s a big subject at the moment and that’s why it’s a great project to undertake, and it will take time, but as far as the argument goes I have only had anti people being helpful, and the people for the project shooting down the images and throwing insults at me rather than saying – “let me explain the positives”.

    As someone that lives in Plymouth I was drawn to this discussion because I can’t currently get a train to London so I believe that the people and economy could benefit from an improved south west train line. But until I can finish this project (which may take a few months) I have not yet come to a conclusion, I’m just enjoying exploring the areas and fascinated by the process.

  4. CommuterRant says:

    So a couple of storms and you feel you need to research the whole HS2 route? Of what relevance is that to your situation?

    Dawlish wall is currently being rebuilt and strengthened, there you go, end of your argument. To completely debunk your argument further, the GWML (to which your trains connect) is being electrified and new trains are being built for it as we speak.

    So please, remind us of your motives and what relevance it has to HS2…..

    Of course antis are nice to you, they see you as being on their side, hence you being manipulated to waste your time giving them spurious ammunition

    • sambarbrooke says:

      Over the last couple of years there has been a number of incidents that have heavily delayed and effected the south west train-line service, including storms and flooding. And it has relevance because the money (that the government doesn’t have anyway) could be spent on improving the route rather than small, cost effective repairs that last for a couple of months or if you’re lucky a couple of years. (look at the work they have done to prevent cliff erosion on the train-line for example)

      Yes it is being repaired but the route will have been out of action for around 8 weeks by the time its fully operational again. And who is to say this couldn’t happen again during the next storm? (which are getting worse every year)

      You don’t need to try and “debunk” my argument, as I explained before this is a photographic exploration of the route, I’m not participating in any protests etc and I don’t have all the answers. I am free to have an opinion for or against it just as you do on a number of your posts on your blog.

      Part of the motive is because of the south west mainline, but another part is the idea that the government can just turf you out of your home, and i feel this situation is a pretty scary one. What a home means to a person or a family is something i have my own ideas and beliefs about and that will form a large part of the project.

      If you feel I am wasting my time then that is your opinion which you are completely entitled to. However I don’t feel you trying to debunk my project by insulting me and saying I’m being manipulated is really helping either of us, the fact you are actually commenting and trying to degrade the project could be seen as a form of manipulation, so in fact I find it quite contradicting.

      So please I respectfully ask that you keep you opinions to yourself or voice them on your own blog. And if you still have an interest in the project great! (I will be going on another trip in 2 days and will be uploading more photos)

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