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HS2 – Before Life After 2014



My name is Sam Barbrooke and I’m a student photographer currently in my last year at Plymouth University studying for a degree in Photography. Over the course of the last 3 years I have undertaken a variety of different Photography projects from shooting landscapes in the winter, to finding abandoned interior spaces. If you would like to see some of my previous work please visit http://sambarbrooke92.wix.com/photography. As someone who has yet to find a really consistent photographic style, I try to test myself and experiment with every new project!

For my last project at university I wanted to explore a subject that I knew I could carry on after my time in Plymouth and one that would allow me to use everything I have learnt in my short time as a photographer. The HS2 Project is something I have seen widely talked about, written about and argued about for the last year, and when I started work in December 2013 I immediately saw its importance to so many people for a variety of reasons, and became particularly enthusiastic to learn more. As someone who is still only 21 the task of gaining a level of understanding with people that may be fighting to save the home they have lived in for 30 + years (for example) is not an easy one, but my exploration along the route so far has made me gain a great deal of respect for the people and the communities involved. As I continue to explore I hope to meet more people and visit new places with the hope of eventually being able to come to a conclusion in my own mind about what HS2 will really mean for England and the people.


Previous Work:

Chair One
All That Remains 2012


Lost In Transition 2012


Inside Out 2013


Together We Wait 2014



All Images © Sam Barbrooke Photography 2014


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